Conventional NDT

1- Ultrasonic Testing

-MASSA provide Ultrasonic testing service using calibrated modern equipment covering the following:

  • Thickness measurements.
  • Lamination detection.
  • Welding inspection.


The above activities could be provided for both fabrication and construction stage or for plant inspection or during shut-down or in stream operation.

2- Radiographic Testing

Radiographic testing could be  provided  to  perform  testing  on  welds using  all  techniques  specified  in  international  standard  and  codes . MASSA has ministry of  health  permit  to  perform  testing  using  Isotopes and, also licensed  engineers  to  carry  out  radiographic  testing  Testing  by  Gamma-Ray  portable  Camera  as  with  Ir.192  sources .

This tests can  cover  piping , vessels ,  steel  structure  and  the any other different components.  

Our scope including testing, interpretation according to specified code or standard .

X-Ray radiographic testing  could  be  provided  which  depends  on  the client  requirements  and  the  accessibility .


 3- Dye Penetrant Testing:

Dye  penetrant  testing  could  be  provided  by  different  technique  both visible  or  fluorescent  on  different  materials  in  fabrication  or  maintenance  stage  by  qualified  personnel

4- Magnetic Particle Testing

MASSA provide magnetic particle  testing  by  Ac-DC  Yokes  or  Permanent  magnets  with  portable  cans  which  can  be  applied  on ferrous  materials with  visible  or  under  black  light  testing ( fluorescent ) .