Other Testing

1- Painting Inspection

MASSA can provide painting inspection, painting  supervision  on  all equipments  or  structures  measuring  surface  finish , wet  film  thickness dry film thickness  and  adhesion  test, also review painting specifications and certificates. 

MASSA   can also evaluate and inspect coating, wrapping for the onshore and off-shore pipelines. 

2- Hardness Testing

MASSA  can  provide  hardness  testing  by  portable  equipment  with  ability  to  produce  results  with  different  types  Brinel , Vickers , Rockwell , .....

3- Heat Treatment

MASSA  can  provide  site  facilities  of  heat  treatment  services  for  piping  works  and  other petroleum  and industrial equipment.


4- Lifting Equipment

MASSA can make inspection and calibration for all types of cranes and other lifting equipment using approved procedures comply with standard and codes and national regulation  



5- Safety Valves

MASSA has an approved work shop for testing and calibration of safety valves